Predicte-Plus Ovulation Microscope - Menstrual Cycle, Safe Period, Getting Pregnant
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Predicte-Plus Ovulation Microscope

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Predicte-Plus is an ovulation prediction microscope that uses saliva or cervical mucus as test sample. Predicte-Plus ...Choose when next to miss your period
₦ 7,600.00

Overview & Highlights

It is a very useful tool in natural family planning. It has been shown that the egg is most fertilizable within 12 hours after ovulation. After about 24 hours, it cannot be fertilized anymore. From the point of view of family planning, this post-ovulation period is 48 hours comprising the 24 hours of egg life and a second day for safety.

Predicte plus will help you determine this safe period and therefore will guide you in choosing when next to get pregnant.


  • Predicte-Plus is the most economical solution: you buy it only once but can re-use it for an unlimited number of tests.
  • Its reliability exceeds 98 percent.
  • It is especially helpful in case of irregular, infrequent menstrual cycles.
  • Its daily use helps women chart their menstrual cycle that is a great benefit in case of irregular, infrequent periods.
  • It is a hundred percent natural method without any side effects.
  • It is a simple tool. The only maintenance it requires is cleaning of the slide before a repeat use.
  • It can be combined with other natural family planning methods.
  • Pocket-size, you can use it anywhere.
  • No further costs for batteries, repairs etc.
  • The product is delivered with detailed, easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions.
  • It has no expiry date.
  • If you need to know in advance your likely ovulation day (like in the case of sex selection for a baby girl), Predicte-plus is your best bet!

Biological basis

The increase in concentration of the estrogen hormone at the beginning of the menstrual cycle produces a significant change in the consistency and crystallization both of the uterine cervical mucus and of the saliva. Crystallization of uterine cervical mucus and saliva takes place only at a certain level of estrogen concentration due to an increase in the concentration of sodium-chloride (NaCl / Salt) in the system. This level is reached 3-4 days prior to ovulation and remains unchanged 3–4 days after the ovulation. Then the continuous decrease of this concentration level prevents the crystallization of the above fluids. Consequently, crystallization of uterine

cervical mucus and saliva takes place only during the 6–8-day fertile period of the menstrual cycle. Both fluids crystallize in a very special way showing a pattern similar to fern leaves (see Fig. A). During the infertile period when no crystallization takes place, we can observe lots of round, amorphous patterns (see Fig. C). The Predicte-Plus Ovulation Microscope is a useful tool for family planning and contraception in an absolutely natural way. Although the reliability of this test if carried out properly exceeds 98 percent, as other fully natural methods it cannot provide hundred percent safety.

Instructions for use

  1. Use the Predicte-Plus Microscope for checking your menstrual cycle quickly and simply, anytime, anywhere.
  1. Open the microscope by turning the upper part in either direction.
  1. Place saliva or uterine cervical mucus on the small round slide with your finger.
  1. Let the sample dry for 6-8 minutes then return the upper part to starting position. (Fig. 1)
  1. Hold the microscope so that your thumb is on the small point in the centre of the upper part.

Look through the lens, holding it near your eye. Press both parts gently (together) to focus the microscope until you can see a clear picture. By turning the upper part slightly in both directions you can study the whole surface of the sample.



What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the process in a female's menstrual cycle by which a mature ovarian follicle ruptures and discharges an ovum. The ovum can be fertilized within max. 12 hours. It is important to know that ovulation does not occur in every cycle. Experiences show that out of 13 cycles 1 is without ovulation.

What is the menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle is a period of time counted from the first day of menstrual bleeding until the last day before the next menstrual bleeding. Cycles with length of 28-31 days are considered as regular. Menstrual cycles, however, may vary from women to women, cycle to cycle, though the average length of the cycle is 28 days.

What can I use Predicte-Plus Ovulation Microscope for?

You can check daily whether you are fertile or infertile simply, quickly, anytime, anywhere, in a reliable way. This has special importance for women having irregular, infrequent cycles.

How many times can I use Predicte-Plus?

Predicte-Plus Ovulation Microscope can be used for an unlimited number of tests. The product has no expiry date. The only thing you have to take care of is to clean the slide before each use.

How will I know I am infertile on a certain day?

If the picture in the lens has lots of round, bubble-like patterns it means you are infertile on that day. It is important to know that 4-5 days before the ovulation there are the so called transitional days when – although low – but there is a likelihood of getting pregnant. If so, a limited amount of fern-leave-like patterns do appear in the picture.

How will I identify the fertile days?

If you see lots of fern leaves through the lens it means you are fertile on that day.
It is important to know that transitional days can commence after the ovulation.  These days are indicated by a small amount of fern leaves beside the dominant round and shapeless patterns.

How do I clean the slide?

Clean the slide with a damp cloth leaving no fluff, e. g. textile handkerchief. Do not wash the slide or the microscope under running water. Do not use chemicals for cleaning.

What am I to do if I see nothing through the microscope?

If you carried out the test as described in the Instructions it cannot happen that you see nothing. The ovulation microscope is an optical device like glasses with the difference that it has a lens of high magnifying capability. If you feel you do not see anything, please repeat the test in strict accordance with the Instructions.

What does it mean if, after ovulation, I keep seeing fern leaves for a longer time?

Continuous fern leaves after ovulation can indicate pregnancy. In case of conception, the level of estrogen remains at a steadily high level for weeks in order to protect the development and implantation of the embryo.

I am trying to do baby sex selection which one is better for me, Predicte-plus-or-Predicte Ovulation Test?

Predicte Ovulation test gives you a very precise range within which ovulation will occur. This is most useful if you are trying to select a baby boy. Predicte-plus gives a longer advance notice of your ovulation day. This is most useful in baby girl sex selection.

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