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How Driving affects Sperm Count

How Driving affects Sperm Count

If a man has problems with his sperm count, it could be due to Driving. Yes, Driving. This fact is often neglected probably because there are several other leading causes of low sperm count in men. It has been shown that Prolonged driving can have damaging effects on sperm count and even sperm quality. Take it or leave it, LOW SPERM COUNT and POOR SPERM QUALITY are very disturbing fertility issues affecting couples.

In Men, the testicles are located within a sac called – scrotum. The scrotum hangs outside of the male body just below the penis. This is because optimal sperm production requires a temperature below the normal core temperature of the body. Sperms need to remain about 20C lower the rest of the body for optimum reproductive health, so, having the sperm outside the body allows it to remain cooler than core body temperature. The average internal temperature of the human body is 370C WHILE that of the sperm must be maintained at about 350C.

Several studies have provided evidences to show
that too much driving could be linked to infertility in men. The MAIN problem
appears to be a rise in the temperature of the testicles, caused by sitting in
the same position for too long.

Following earlier studies which showed that spermcounts in professional drivers are lower, and that their sperm has more abnormalities, a team of scientists from the University of Giessen in Germany conducted a research and reported that the increase in temperature of the scrotum while driving could be one of the reasons why the wives of occupational car drivers take a longer time to conceive.

Scientists have since warned that heated car seats could damage sperm production. The optimal temperature for healthy sperm production is about 35 degrees centigrade, which is 2 degrees centigrade lower than core temperature.

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